1. I can’t remember the last
    time I lived in one place
    for longer than, say,
    ten months or a year
    and after a few months go by my legs start
    to ache like when you’re sick and can’t run for
    a week but I can run and run and run and they’ll
    still itch for motion and for new soil

    I used to think this was normal but I’ve
    met a lot of people between my first steps and my
    most recent and most of them
    seem pretty happy to be where they are for
    a long, long time. All the kids I used to go to school with
    are still living in their first homes while I stepped out to the
    East to meet with people whose feet ache like mine and
    at first I thought I met a few, a few who had come as far from home
    as I had and a few who had come even further but they
    get starry eyed and talk about their dreams of travelling but they
    don’t know the ache, they’re happy being in this one 
    little city for the next ten years and knowing the same
    people and doing the same thing and walking the same streets
    every day and drinking at the same bars and pubs every night and
    maybe they’ll grow some
    intimacy I’ll be
    missing out on by
    still just homebodies if
    only a little more adventurous than
    those still shuffling through
    the fields
    of wheat
    in which

    I used to think it was normal
    but they all proved me wrong and 
    sometimes I think the girl who saw brightness
    in my eyes might
    have aching feet too, but
    who knows
    if anyone has quite the ache
    that I do 

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